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Last updated 10/09/2015

Welcome!! to the home page for the Matthews MUDDOBBERS. The MUDDOBBERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB is one of the oldest off-road clubs in the state of Indiana. Founded in the mid 1950s, we promote many different types of motorcycle events throughout the year. The members enjoy competing in events at both the state and the national levels.  Enduro riding  and hare scrambles have been the back bone of the club for many years. Dual sport was added a few years ago, but the newest event is the family enduro.   





2015 National Enduro Final Round

MUDDOBBER EVENTS        Both of the events this weekend are good to go. Things are drying up really good.

Family Enduro ~ July 25, 2015       Flyer   1st loop 22 miles at 18 mph, 2nd loop 15 miles at 12 mph.

Dual Sport ~ July 26, 2015               Flyer   1st loop 60 miles, 2nd loop 25 miles...if you can't go 60 miles on a tank of gas, be prepared to stop at a station on the route.

Enduro ~ October  11, 2015    Flyer    Round 10 National Enduro Series                                                Results         Photos






















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Check out our online photo album filled with pictures from recent events.


2011 Family Enduro/Dual Sport Pictures


2009 Enduro Pictures   


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